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19 Jun

Whenever there is a wedding, it is considered to be a time to reconnect with friends and family to celebrate.  When organizing a wedding choosing the right caterer for your event is one of the most important decisions to make.  The wedding location is not supposed to be a hindrance to access the catering services of a company.  A catering company should be made aware of where the wedding function will be.  There can be hesitations by the catering company depending on the capacity of the event and the location of the said event.  As a wedding planner it is important that you are aware of the versatility of the catering company.

Look For A Catering Company That Meets Your Needs

It is advisable that the catering company is present in the wedding venue or close by.  Travelling costs can be added to the total catering costs if the catering company will be required to travel to get to the venue.  Be sure to confirm that the wedding caterer is willing to travel to their normal operation premises.

Be Keen On Venue rules

Depending on the venues policy an external caterer may not be allowed to work in the venue.  Since different venues have different rules, wedding planners can check whether the catering option provided by the venue owners is up to their standards. You may also want to be aware of the best Philadelphia outdoor catering options.

Know What The Catering Services Offer

Different expert wedding catering Philadelphia service providers have different types of catering plans and also variety of food.  It is advisable for the wedding planners to check the menu that has been created by the catering company for the wedding.  A wedding planner should be able to fulfill the customers' needs and the wedding planner should ascertain this.  It is also good to discuss the cost of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Some catering companies do not offer alcoholic drinks in their catering options according to their policies. A wedding planner should take note that some catering companies have a policy against the supply of alcoholic drinks.  Confirming the mode of payment of the drinks is important.  

Look for flexible wedding caterers

Wedding planners should look out for caterers who are not rigid when it comes to changing the menu.  Different couple have different menu preferences.  It is important that a caterer offers different menu options for those who have different dietary needs.  Since some catering companies do not offer baking services, they should be able to recommend a suitable baking service provider to provide the wedding cake.  A wedding planner should confirm with the wedding caterer that they will be using their services on the said date earlier on to avoid any inconveniences.  Before making any conclusions on the services provider option, one should confirm their payment terms so as not to be surprised when the service has already been delivered.

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